Thursday, August 14, 2014

Renee Cox Resigns

Fishers Town Council member Renee Cox today announced that she will resign her seat on the council, citing her job duties which have been taking her out of state since June.  Cox was an unsuccessful candidate to be the first Mayor of Fishers in the May 2014 GOP primary.  She also was the former President of the Fall Creek Township Board.  During the 2012 referendum to change Fishers into a City, Cox was the only Town Council member to support the change to city status.  Cox also opposed the proposed food and beverage sales tax, and the proposal which led to the recent demolition of the Fishers Train Station, positions which brought her under sharp attack by some other members of the Town Council.

Renee's husband David is a former Fayette County GOP chair, and locally was former chair of CityYes. Their home remains in Fishers.

When asked by Hamilton County politics what her future political plans might be, Renee Cox was noncommittal.  Her resignation was first announced on Facebook by Hamilton County Politics, before any other public announcement was published.