Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hamilton County Democratic Candidates

Voters complain about there not being choices on Hamilton County ballots in general elections.  But there actually ARE quite a number of Democrats running for office, including two statewide candidates who are running for office.  So here is a list of Democratic candidates who will be on the ballot in Hamilton County in the November election.

Shawn Denney, Congress, Fifth District
Beth White, Secretary of State
Mike Claytor, a Carmel resident, State Auditor
Mike Boland, a Fishers resident, State Treasurer
J.D. Ford, Carmel, State Senate District 29
Joe Marcum, Noblesville, State Representative, District 29
Bob Ashley, State Representative, District 32
David Russ, Carmel, State Representative, District 39
Rosemary Dunkle, Carmel, County Council, District 1
Jim Blessing, Carmel, Clay Township Board
Mike Davis, Noblesville Township Trustee
Margaret (Peggy) Russell, Noblesville Township Board
Sheryl (Sherry) Peters, Sheridan Town Council At Large
Kent Nelson, Fishers City Council, Northwest District
Greg Purvis, Fishers City Council, SouthCentral District
Justin Kilgore, Fishers City Council, Southwest District
Maryellen Bein, Fishers City Council, At Large

While not all ballot slots have a Democratic candidate, this is probably the greatest number of Democrats running on the Hamilton County ballot in many years.  It certainly is the first time two county residents have sought statewide office at the same time.  It is also the largest number of Democrats EVER to run for Fishers office, and this is the first Fishers City election.

Nearly all of these candidates have web pages, Facebook pages, or both.  I urge you to look them up and give them your support.