Thursday, January 20, 2011

Greg Purvis for Fishers Town Council

I have officially filed my candidacy for Fishers Town Council in District 4.  While Fishers has 7 council districts, they embrace the odd system of allowing all registered voters in Fishers vote for all 7 districts.  I have often criticised this system, calling for a traditional city system where some seats are pure districts and some at large. 

I have for several years been active in community affairs in Fishers, being a member of the board of directors of my homeowners association, being a charter member of the Kiwanis Club of Geist, and being politically active and outspoken.  I have attended numerous Town Council meetings, township board meetings, and others, including the City-Town Study Committee, where I was an active member in 2009. 

Among other things, my strongest belief is that Fishers should be a real City, with a City form of government such as that which all other Indiana communities possess, with a Mayor elected by the people, and a city council with real districts.  I first called for Fishers to change to a City in January 2007.  I continued that move with the founding of CityYes, founded by citizens of all political persuasions who joined together in their common belief that becoming a City is best for the future of Fishers.  I was privileged to be CityYes' first chairman, a post I held until July 2010.  I submitted the names of 1700 registered voters of Fishers to the Town Council in May 2010, asking for a November 2010 referendum on the city-town question, but the Town Council ignored their legal duty to certify the question and still have not done so. 

I have often called for more open, transparent and responsive government in Fishers, a government not easily accountable to the voters in its current form.  When I found that former Town Council member Charlie White had moved out of his district, an act by which he forfeited office when it happened, and had illegally continued to act as a Town Council member, I conducted my own investigation, held a news conference, and forced his resignation.  As it appeared to me that White had also committed voter fraud as part of his cover-up, I met my legal duty as an attorney, by reporting the facts I had found to the Prosecutor's Office, and asked that a special prosecutor be appointed and a Grand Jury convened.  Two special prosecutors were appointed, and I understand that a Grand Jury may be held in February. 

Further, I have often appeared at Town Council meetings and questioned their spending and other actions.  Fully 15% of the 2010 Fishers budget went to debt service, which is cause for concern.  I have also questioned the council's willingness to pledge public money, often in the form of TIF districts, to projects that ultimately do not get off the ground.  I pledge to be prudent and careful in spending tax dollars, and to try to limit debt being incurred by Fishers.  I would also have a higher threshold for pledging public money to private business ventures, without some high degree of expectation both of success and of public benefit. 

My election to the Town Council will bring an honest outsider's voice and new blood to the Town Council.  I ask for the support of all Fishers residents who are concerned for the future of this community.   Please visit my website at to learn more, volunteer, or make a contribution. 

Greg Purvis