Monday, May 27, 2013

Susan Brooks challenged by Tea Party

Recently, Carmel businessman David Stockdale announced he would seek the Fifth District Congressional seat currently held by freshman Representative Susan Brooks (R-Carmel).   Stockdale's candidacy is being openly promoted on the Indiana Tea Party's Facebook page.

What is remarkable about this is that in reality, it is impossible to find a member of Congress further right than Susan Brooks.  She has voted the GOP party line on 157 of 158 votes, 99.4% of the time.  This is despite her constituents telling her during the election last year that they wanted her to work across party lines to solve problems in Washington.  But the reality is, in her short time in Congress, she has not done what the voters who spoke to her expected.

So WHY is the Tea Party challenging Brooks?  They cannot possibly object to her voting record.  Perhaps it is her relative silence in parroting Tea Party rhetoric.  Or her willingness to actually have a dialogue with those with whom she disagrees.  Brooks recently met with a women's group who advocates more and better gun background checks for example.  But Brooks has an "A" rating from the NRA, which is violently opposed to such checks.  Curious.

A note, I also saw a sign for "Lugar for Congress", meaning Fishers realtor Jack Lugar, who ran in the last cycle as well.  Is this a sign of another wide-open GOP primary in 2014?  Time will tell.