Thursday, January 19, 2012

Charlie White case - An Odd Twist

In a breaking development, it seems as if Indianapolis Star reporter Carrie Ritchie has been subpeoned to testify in the Charlie White criminal case.  At this time, it is not clear to me who issued the subpeona, but at least one source indicates that both the special prosecutor and White's attorney, former Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, may have issued Ms. Ritchie a subpeona to testify. 

The Star's attorneys have filed a Motion to Quash the subpeona.  Presumably, a hearing will be held on that motion prior to the start of trial on January 30th.  This is probably based on Indiana's Reporter Shield Law.  However, that law only protects sources, not the information gathered. 

I think I can see why the special prosecutors would want Ms. Ritchie.  If memory serves, the Star published an interview with White after his resignation from the Fishers Town Council wherein White admitted that he had moved to his new condo outside of his Town Council district in February 2010.  White now tells a very different story about sleeping on his ex-wife's sofa, while his present wife lived in the condo.  Such an admission to a reporter, if admissable, might be very damaging to White's defense.

But this would not explain why Brizzi would want her testimony.  Frankly, that part has me stumped for the moment. 

Stay tuned, doubtless there will be more odd twists to the story.