Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Continuing Saga of Charlie White

In the latest development in the soap opera that is Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White, Judge Nation in Hamilton Superior Court denied White's Motion to Dismiss the indictments against him.   The case will now go to trial at the end of January before a jury of Hamilton County citizens.

Lest the casual reader think that Charlie White is the victim of a partisan vendetta, let me remind said reader of the following:

1.  The elected Republican prosecutor asked a Republican Judge to convene a special grand jury and to appoint a special prosecutor.
2.  Said Republican Judge did just that, and appointed two special prosecutors, one Republican and one Democrat.
3.  A Grand Jury of Hamilton County citizens heard evidence, including witnesses suggested by White, and returned an indictment on 7 felony counts, including vote fraud, fraudulent voter registration, theft, mortgage fraud, and perjury.
4.  The case is pending before a Republican Judge who is also a former Hamilton County Prosecutor. 
5.  Virtually every prominent Republican in the State, from Governor Daniels on down, has called for White to step down from his office.

If anyone sees a partisan vendetta here, please point it out.  Republicans have been in control of virtually the entire process.