Friday, November 4, 2011

A Pre-Election Message to the Voters of Fishers

Election Day is next Tuesday.  Voters in Fishers have the opportunity to make some real changes in their local government.   There will be 3 new members of the Town Council, a judge for the brand-new Town Court, and possibly a new Clerk-Treasurer. 
The 2011 local elections in Fishers may be the most important in the history of our rapidly-growing community.  Twenty years ago, we had one-tenth the population we do now.  With that growth in population came new challenges.  
Frankly, I believe that Fishers has outgrown a "town" form of government that is well-suited for small communities where everyone knows everyone else, but not for the large City that Fishers has grown into.  We need a Mayor with vision to keep attracting businesses and jobs, and to keep our taxes low by growing the tax base.   We need a Mayor elected by the people of Fishers.  And we need a Council which supports that vision.  The council also needs to bring their activities more into the open, and stop having meetings and "work sessions" out of view of the citizens.  The council needs to do a better job of reaching out to citizens and involving them in decisions, and in listening to their concerns, rather than being developer-driven.  And the council needs to allow public comment and input at EVERY meeting, not just when it is legally required.
I have pushed hard for nearly 5 years to make this vision of Fishers as a real City of the 21st Century come true.  I believe most people in Fishers support that vision, regardless of political party.  I ask for your support on Tuesday, November 8th, so that I can continue fighting for the future of Fishers. 
Greg Purvis
Candidate, Fishers Town Council,
District 4

Authorized by Purvis for Fishers Committee