Friday, October 1, 2010

Charlie White saga continues

Indianapolis TV station WRTV-6 is reporting that the Hamilton County Prosecutor WILL ask for the appointment of a special prosecutor in the Charlie White voter fraud investigation.   The Channel 6 report is here:  As those who pay attention will note, I was the one who first called for this action, followed by Democratic State Chairman Dan Parker, and Democratic Secretary of State candidate Vop Osili. 

Additionally, several people have asked to see the map that I used to illustrate just how far outside of his district Charlie moved, which also illustrates how far he had to go from his real home to vote in the May 2010 primary.  Well, I only have it in PDF format, which I cannot figure out how to post here, and I don't know how to convert it, so unless someone can teach me how, you will just have to email me and ask for it. 

Charlie is now doubtless going to have to hire a criminal defense attorney, and this will lead to a huge distraction from his race for Secretary of State.  Also, the Town of Fishers is investigating the repercussions on its official actions.  

Much as Charlie and the Republican Party would love for this to be "no big deal" and go away, it just is NOT going away, but seems to get more and more serious every day.  I personally have spoken to many Republicans who will vote Democratic or Libertarian in order to show their distaste for Charlie's actions.  Good for them.  We don't need a law-breaker as a law-maker.